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AcBel PC9045-ZA1G (PIII & 4) 330w ATX P/Supply (PSUP0299)

AcBel PC9045-ZA1G (PIII & 4) 330w ATX P/Supply

Manufacturer:         AcBel
Model:                    PC9045-ZA1G
Alias:                      ASUS EUP Peak 3890W/PFC
Input:                     115 - 230V 50/60Hz 8A/4A

Output:                   330 W maximum

Power Connection:    Connects to Wall Powerpoint only

Power Switch:           None

Size:                       140 x 150 x 85mm approx
Connections:            * ATX (20pin)   34cm length
                                * 4pin 'Pentium 4' connector
                                * 2x 12v connector
                                * 1x 5v connector
                                * 3x SATA Connector
Warranty:               USED  -  90 Days

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Category : ASUS Power Supplies
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