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16Mb 72pin SIMM - IBM 92G7323 60ns EDO Proprietary (RAMS7101)

16Mb 72pin SIMM - IBM 92G7323 60ns EDO Proprietary

Manufacturer:         IBM
Known As:              16Mb 72pin EDO SIMM
IBM FRU:                92G7323
Designed For:         IBM Pentium I Desktops
RAM Type:              SIMM - 72pin
Speed:                   60ns
Profile:                   Single sided
No of Chips:           8
Connector Type:      Tin
Warranty:      USED       90 Days
Suitable for use in following IBM Desktops:

IBM Aptiva 2134-xxx ; 2136-xxx ; 2159-xxx 2176-xxx ; IBM Aptiva C6Y, C23, C31, C33, C55, C65, C67, C73, C77
IBM PC330 - sub-models: 6577-5xx ; 6577-7xx ; 6577-9xx ; 6577-Kxx
IBM PC330 - sub-models: 6873-JCM, 6573-JCP
IBM PC340 - sub-models:   6560-4xx ; 6560-5xx ; 6560-6xx  6560-7xx
IBM PC350 - sub-models:  6587-7xx, 6587-9xx, 6587-Gxx, 6587-Kxx, 6587-Lxx
IBM PC700 - sub-model:  6886-xxx,
IBM PC730 - sub-models: 6877-KAA, 6877-KAE, 6877-KAN, 6877-VAA, 6877-VAE, 6877-VAN
IBM PC750 - sub-models:  6887-6AA, 6887-6AE, 6887-6AN, 6887-81A, 6887-81E, 6887-81N, 6887-86B, 6887-86F, 6887-86P,
6887-EAA,6887-FAA,6887-HAA,6887-KAA, 6887-KAE, 6887-KAN, 6887-KBA, 6887-KBE, 6887-KBN, 6887-KFA, 6887-KFE, 6887-KFN,
6887-VAA, 6887-VAE, 6887-VAN, 6887-VBA, 6887-VBE, 6887-VBN,
6887-YFA, 6887-YFE, 6887-YFN, 6887-YPA, 6887-YPE, 6887-YPN
PC Server 340 - sub-model: 6560-xxx

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