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SCA Interface - Hard Drives (HardDrive-SCA)

SCA Interface - Hard Drives

Acronym:     SCA - Single Connector Attachment

Definition:  All disk input & output signals, power and configuration options have been incorporated within an 80pin single connector that supports both 8bit and 16bit parallel SCSI with single-ended or differential options.

Major Benefit:  These drives are used as 'Hot Swappable' in systems where the hard drive usually plugs directly into a backplane.


This is a  D-style, 80 pin connector used on SCSI drives to plug directly to the backplane connection. The SCA-2 connector provides both data and power connection needed to allow hot-plugging of parallel interface SCSI drives.

Seagate Technologies identifies their SCA-2 SCSI interface hard drives with the suffix "C" in the model number.

How do I know if my drive uses an SCA interface?

There are two easy ways to tell.

First, all Seagate SCA interface drives are designated by the letter "C" at the end of the model number (such as "DC", "LC", "LCV" or "WC") .

DC - Differential 80pin SCA

LC - Low Voltage Differential 80pin SCA

LCV - Low Voltage Differential 80pin SCA (with increased cache size)

WC - 80pin SCA (Hot Swappable)


What does an SCA interface connector look like?

What is the SCA interface?

The SCA interface provides a standard connection for systems using hot swappable drives.  SCA interface drives connect to a SCSI backplane that provides power, configuration settings such as SCSI ID, and termination of the SCSI bus.

How can an SCA interface drive be attached to a standard 50-pin or 68-pin SCSI host adapter?

An SCA adapter is necessary to attach an SCA interface drive to a standard SCSI host adapter.  Several vendors offer SCA to 50-pin or 68-pin adapters.  An SCA adapter should provide power and termination as well as jumper settings for SCSI ID and other drive features.

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